Assistive Listening Devices

We offer patients and their families a wide range of assisted listening devices or ALDs. You can order any of the following devices directly from Emerge. We are happy to review a catalog of items that are available with you and your family.

Personal FM Systems for School-age Children

The introduction of personal FM systems in the school system has been a major advancement for children with hearing loss, ADHD, and auditory processing disorder (APD). This innovative technology allows teachers to wear a microphone or boom mike that sends a signal to a child’s hearing aid which reduces background noise. Setting up a
personal FM system for your child at school is a collaborative effort between you and the school. That said, there are distinct roles for each:

  • The school is typically responsible for the FM system.
  • Parents are typically responsible for selecting a hearing aid that is FM-compatible.
  • Please note that these roles could be different depending on your child’s school, so it’s best to discuss this with the school in advance.

Roger_Clip_On_Mic.jpg Roger_Pen.jpg

Cochlear Implants

For children and adults diagnosed with severe hearing loss who haven’t benefited from the use of hearing aids, it’s possible that a cochlear implant may be recommended. Cochlear implants are surgically inserted beneath the skull to send sound waves directly to the auditory nerve, bypassing the ear altogether. Our audiologists can determine if you’re a candidate for a cochlear implant based on your degree of hearing loss. You may be referred to an otoneurologist, who performs the procedure, for further assessment. Our audiologists are trained in providing check-ups and troubleshooting for these devices following surgery.

Amplified Phones

These corded and cordless phones offer listeners a higher volume level than standard phones. In addition to amplifying the conversations, many of these phones also have the capability to reduce background noises. As a special service for our patients, We works with local agencies to provide free amplified phones for residents of the state of Louisiana.

Personal Amplifiers

Personal amplifiers are for individuals who have a more sedentary lifestyle and need some sort of amplification to talk one-on-one or in small groups. It’s similar in shape to a portable audio player, like an iPod or Walkman, and comes with a hand-held microphone. This type of listening device is tough to lose, inexpensive to replace and very durable.

Signaling Devices

There are a wide variety of signaling devices available for those who are hearing impaired, such as:

  • Amplified alarm with adjustable tone and volume settings. Some models include a bed shaker device that gently vibrates a pillow or mattress.
  • Lamps that flash when phone or doorbell rings
  • Light boxes for phones with loud ringers and lights
  • Transmitters that alert users that a door or window has been opened
  • Severe weather alert system
  • Door knock sensors
  • Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms with an extra loud alarm