Custom Ear Plugs

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Healthy hearing is crucial for every age and all walks of life. We proudly offer custom hearing protection like swim plugs, musicians’ earplugs, hunter’s plugs, and other specialty molds.

Swim Plugs

If your child is prone to ear infections or Swimmer’s Ear, swim plugs will keep help protect their ears from those issues. Also, any child with tubes should absolutely have custom swim plugs. Children of all ages can be fit for swim plugs, as well as adults who dislike the sensation of water being stuck in their ears when swimming.

Through Hearing Services at Emerge, swim plugs are very affordable and can be taken home the same day as your appointment. Swim plugs are easy to take care of and last for a long time, depending on how quickly your child grows. A good rule of thumb: every time your child’s shoe size changes, it’s time to get new plugs.

Hunter and Musician’s Plugs


Nothing should stand in your way from living life and enjoying your hobbies – including your hearing! We’re proud to offer custom-fit hunter’s plugs so you can do just that. These allow you to hear game sounds in the brush while protecting you from higher level gunshot noises. For musicians and music enthusiasts, custom plus will let you enjoy each note of your environment while protecting your ears from the dangerous decibels. You can schedule an appointment to be fit for custom hunter’s or musician’s plugs at any time.